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Getting Started with Us


: A bit of time spent at the start of the design process is essential, and will help us do the best possible job for you. Fill in the questionnaire on our "work with us" page. Here are some things to consider


Pinterest is our favorite tool for this. You can create your own Pinterest boards and pin images you love to them. Quite quickly you'll notice a pattern emerging, and this will help us to understand your likes and preferences. Start by checking out our Pinterest boards.


It's extremely helpful if you know your budget before you start. This will help us make the right decisions when considering your design and the products we select. It’s often a tricky question to ask, but please think about your budget BEFORE you meet with us. How much have you budgeted for any design, building and structural work, AND, how much have you budgeted for furniture and accessories.


Get everyone on board right from the start. We need to know your partner or spouse's expectations, likes and dislikes as well as your own. As with any relationship, communication is key. Good communication will help achieve the functionality, look, schedule and price tag you have in mind for your project. The more you can tell us the better and more smoothly the process will be, and the less costly it will be for you.


You’ve come to us to design your interior. We may push you out of your comfort zone from time to time, we may suggest things that you haven’t thought of, but we want the same thing as you - an amazing space! Our best results come when our clients trust us, commit to the process, and let us do our job.


.Our aim is to create for you an interior that you can connect to emotionally and will bring you joy. A really concise brief and a clear idea of your style will provide the best possible outcome. We can't wait to start working with you. Fill in our questionnaire on our "work with us" page to get started.

Work With Us

Our team takes pride in creating luxurious and innovative homes that have a very intimate connection to our clients and their families.  We understand each project we begin has specific needs, budgets, and a level of quality with the work involved.  Each home starts with a personalized concept that directly correlates to these needs of our clients and their individual style.  We rely on our professional knowledge and advanced experience in the design field to walk our clients through the process of interior remodeling, new construction, and interior finishing with exceptional customer service.

Every Studio A Interior Design Group member and extended member becomes an integral part of the collaboration process to deliver an authentic style and home identity for our client’s interior spaces.  Associates work passionately to offer turnkey design services to a luxury, high-end clientele.

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Our Design Process

A Seamless Client Experience

Studio A Interior Design Group provides a unique white-glove approach that handles all aspects of architectural design, budgeting, construction, finish, and product selection,” she says. With all of the services under one roof, clients are only dealing with and paying one firm from start to finish.

Increased Efficiency

The advantages of handling the entire process include “avoiding the hassle and the time drain of managing designers, permits and contractors,” Instead, our firm serves as a single-source control of design and construction implementation, leveraged by the expertise and long-standing industry relationships. We are aware of lead times for all of the materials we order, and having control over all aspects means we are able to keep everything running according to the schedule we've set for the project.


When the work is separated out between designers and builders, miscommunications can arise. In some unfortunate circumstances, this can turn into passing the buck back and forth regarding issues that come up during the process. For example, the designer may have ordered a tile that will take months to arrive, throwing off the contractor’s schedule. The architect can feel a loss of control during the construction process. Or a contractor will need to alter the design due to an unforeseen circumstance, and there’s a time lag sorting it out with the designer. With Studio A Interiors Design Group's one-stop-shop, accountability is transparent, which puts our clients at ease.

We realize that our clients appreciate the seamless service experience, which doesn’t require long chains of communication from business to business when challenges arise. Every question is answered and all issues are dealt with by Studio A Interior Design Group. “One step further, Studio A also provides furniture layout and procurement, for the ultimate worry-free and turn-key experience, We are able to plan and handle everything down to the very last detail.

Easy In-House Communication

Having all of the parties in-house minimizes the time drain from phone tag and email exchanges.

In our experience, we find that communication is the key to having a successful project from start to finish. The benefit of having our own in-house trade sources is the level of communication and understanding and collaboration we share is one of our best attributes for our clients' projects. An added bonus is our-in house messaging software, which allows our clients and trade partners to stay on the same page throughout the project and keep the process flowing smoothly. 

Price Estimates

Precise estimates” — that sounds like an oxymoron. But another advantage for our clients is the firm’s ability to give them an exact estimate from the beginning. By keeping things in-house, between the two of us, we have a precise knowledge of what the construction and material costs will be. We’re attuned to the actual cost of every single line item. Unless there are unforeseen problems hiding behind walls or in the structure, or the client changes their mind halfway through and wants to add more stuff, we are able to stick to the exact estimate down to the penny.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Before beginning any project I will don my snappy business clothes and come to your residence or office for a 2 hour design consultation. Please don’t worry about the “BEFORE” state of your space because that's why I'm there. At the meeting I'll review your :

  • Existing Space Layout, Take measurements as needed. 

  • Explore your personal design style and your goals for the space;

  • Discuss your project budget and timeline in depth.

This is also your opportunity to ask any questions, show us pictures you like. Before I conclude the meeting, I'll give you three fabulous ideas for your space, photograph it and then go back to our office and think up more creative ideas to share with you. We allow up to 2 hrs for this initial meeting and the fee for this consultation is $350.00 which will be credited back to you if you decide you'd like to work with Studio A Interior Design Group to execute your vision. 

Step 3: Letter of Agreement and Project Retainer

Once we've had a chance to met and go over your project goals and we have come to the initial design plan. We'll provide you with a Letter of Agreement with a request for a Project Retainer.  Our Letter of Agreement will detail the terms of conducting business with our firm. The Project Retainer will be your initial financial deposit which gives us confirmation of your intent to proceed with your project and to reserve your time with our firm. The project retainer amount will vary based upon your specific scope of work and will be credited against your final payment at your project’s conclusion. Following the receipt of your signed Letter of Agreement, Scope of Work and Project Retainer, we will get started on your project specification. At this point we are very excited and full of creative ideas that we can’t wait to get started.

Step 5: Project Commencement

​Depending on the size of your project and your availability, we'll schedule needed client meetings to keep your job progressing and receive your feedback. We want your feedback during the process and hope you'll trust us even if we push you a little out of your comfort zone to try a new color palette, different layout or innovative building material. Communication. Trust. Collaboration. We have found these three strategies to be the keys to a successful design project. It's that simple. Oh, and gooood coffee.

Step 2: Interior Design Proposal

Following our initial consultation, and after you get even more frustrated looking at your space and decide you need professional help, I'll provide you with an:

  • Estimated Budget of our Professional Design Time

  • Detailed outline of the Scope of Work

  • Samples of Deliverables (i.e. drawings, specification binder, etc.)

  • Client References

If you have a spouse or partner, it's a good idea to have them participate in this important meeting. I want everyone to feel comfortable with their investment and timeline, and know who we are before we walk in your house or office at 7:00 a.m. with a tray full of Ventis.

Depending on your scope of work, project budget and how nice you are, we'll offer you one of three ways to work with us -- flat fee, hourly, or by the day (half-day and telephone consultations are also available and detailed in our "Book Online" page). If, for some reason, you decide we're not the right design team for your project, I'll be happy to recommend two other professional interior design colleagues in our local American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) chapter to assist you. The bottom line is that I want your collaboration with a professional interior designer to produce the best possible result. It's good for business and good for you!  When you're interviewing any designer, be sure to give careful consideration to their work experience, professional business practices, design aesthetic and compatibility with YOU.  It is not just about pretty portfolio pictures! It is a business relationship and you must feel comfortable and confident in the professional you hire.

Step 4: Estimated Project Budget

Once your project begins, we'll provide you with a Project Budget. The Project Budget will outline the estimated price of purchases and any subcontractor labor needed. Together, we'll review it and make recommendations on where best to invest your money so you get the most bang for your buck. Be assured, we are picky, picky so any vendors and/or subcontractors we team with to create your new space meet our high standards of customer service, professional licensing and excellent job performance. If your job necessitates the use of an architect, general contractor or structural engineer we'll assist you with referrals and securing their bids.

Once we have all the estimates in hand we'll provide you with a final Estimated Project Budget for your approval. And then the fun begins!

Step 6: Project Completion

Nothing makes us happier than to have our client absent the day of their installation of new furnishings and fixtures, and then they come home or back to their office, and WOW! It’s called the “Big Reveal." It’s magical to see the look in a client’s eyes and the smile on their face when they look around their space and say “I can’t believe it’s the same space!”  Be still my heart. But rest assured, our job doesn’t end when your project is completed. We want your new home or office environment to look fabulous and remain functional for years to come so we’ll be invited back for Thanksgiving Dinner. As such, we are only a phone call away to assist you in maintaining your new interiors so you receive years of enjoyment from your new space.