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Modern Interior Design

Why Work With Us?

Everybody knows construction can be stressful, Not with Studio A! We are here to make your life easier!
So, What sets our firm apart from other design firms in the city you may ask?

Studio A Interiors provides a unique white-glove approach that handles all aspects of architectural design, budgeting, construction, finish, and product selection. With all of the services under one roof, clients are only dealing with and paying one firm from start to finish.

When you’ve chosen to work with Studio A Interiors, you’ve chosen to work with a professional, one of the best in field. Therefore, you can be certain you’ll be in the most capable hands to get your interior design requirements met. So why should you choose our firm for your project?

  • We bring a together a team of trusted professionals to design, build/renovate and decorate your home.

  • We learn all about you to create a highly personalized home.

  • We take your lifestyle, personal style and interior goals and turn them into reality.

  • We offer expertise, an eye for design and a commitment to making the process as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

  • We can handle everything from concept to completion.

  • We think of things you hadn't even considered but will wonder how you lived without.

  • We select items that are interesting but aren’t going to date.

  • We create homes that are timeless, prestigious and are beautiful today and will remain so into the future.

  • Our detailed plans and specifications allow for more accurate quoting by the builder.

  • 3D renders allow you to see how the space will look before you start building.

  • We will create a functional cohesive house—inside and out.

  • We consider how you will live in the home and where the furniture will sit as we design the spaces so that power points, lights and plumbing will all be in the correct place at the commencement of construction avoiding costly changes or 'settling' for a compromised layout.

  • We speak the builders’ language and can help with questions that arise during construction.


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